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Fort Stamford Health & Fitness
Mount Batten. Plymouth. PL9 9TU

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Welcome back to Fort Stamford

Fitness Gymnasium

Fort Stamford has a large, modern fitness gymnasium which as you would expect, is full of equipment of the highest quality. Most fitness gymnasiums are similar, rows of equipment facing televisions, everybody  judging everybody! At Fort Stamford we are mindful of how most people feel and have laid the equipment out, so that you don’t feel quite so on show as you might elsewhere. We have a wonderful mix of members, ranging from the young to the mature, the slight to the large. Whether  individually you are looking to tone up, shed fat or rehabilitate, you will be joining a friendly club, full of people trying to improve their quality of life. We are not like other clubs. Come up and see our fitness gymnasium for yourself!

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Circuit Classes

We offer Fitness Circuit classes based in the gym. This is available for members of the club and is free of charge. Book at reception for an hour’s penance! Our Fitness Circuit class gives you an all over body workout, combining resistance training and high intensity aerobics. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance.

Free inductions and upgrades

When you join Fort Stamford you will book in for a FREE gym induction. Not a group gym induction with others who you don’t know, but a one on one session with an instructor who will spend over an hour with you. They will introduce you to the equipment, make sure you know how it works and they will then write a programme for you to follow, designed specifically for you and your goals.  Of course, we will review your programme on a regular basis to keep you interested and ensure you contine to achieve your goals.  At Fort Stamford, gym induction reviews are FREE of charge. We have developed a colour coded program card system so that both you and the instructor know when a review is due. We know that if you have a regular review, you will stay more motivated and a motivated member is a happy member who is much more likely to reach their target.

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Video link : Please Watch this video – show casing all the fantastic changes and safety measures at Fort Stamford.

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