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Tone Zone

“Guaranteed to reduce inches”

Users of the Tone Zone lost a combination of 400 inches within a month.

What is the Tone Zone?

The Tone Zone is an exercise programme for everyone.  You will love the armchair comfort, graded intensity levels and smooth power assisted performance that takes the stress and muscle soreness out of exercise.  This system is safe for all ages because muscles and joints are safely exercised without stress or impact.  You will love the effortless way that inch loss and fitness levels are achieved, with the machines appearing to do the work for you.

What are the benefits of the Tone Zone.

Guaranteed to reduce inches, improved circulation, ideal for people recovering from illness of surgery, suitable form of exercise for certain disabilities. No special clothes or shoes are required.

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Who can use the Zone Zone?

The gentle exercise makes The Tone Zone particularly suitable for people with back and joint problems.

Older people benefit greatly from the increased mobility that regular use can bring.

Whatever your age, condition or fitness level, The Tone Zone will tone you up and help you roll back the years.

What next?

Book now for a free trial session, you’ve nothing to lose but your inches. Contact our reception on 01752 407999.

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