barbara in the jacuzziJACUZZI

There can be few better ways to unwind than to spend well deserved ‘you time’ in our luxurious Jacuzzi. Allow the jets of water to gently massage the stresses of the day away, re- vitalising those aching muscles and make you feel just great!


Clear your airways by breathing in the saturated moist air of the steam room or close your eyes and enjoy the hotter, drier sauna... heaven!


sunbed picureSUNBED

Top up your tan with our high speed tanning tube sunbed, it is a stand up tanning unit, that gives you a perfect tan from top to toe.

The prices are 


    MINUTES         MEMBERS         NON-MEMBERS    
 3 mins  £2.40  £3.00
 6 mins  £4.00  £5.00
 9mins  £5.60  £7.00
 12 mins  £7.20  £9.00
 15 mins  £8.80  £11.00
 30 mins  £14.40  £18.00
 60mins  £20.00  £25.00
 120 mins  £32.00  £40.00

The Spa area and use of the Jacuzzi, Sauna andSteam Room are restricted to over 18s and is a Members only facility.