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Meet the Team

Here at Fort Stamford we have a range of highly qualified, knowledgeable and passionate team members on hand to assist you on your health and fitness journey, covering a wide range of specialist areas. Please click on their personal profiles below:

Carla Haines - Gym Instructor

Carla Haines

Gym Manager

I was introduced into sport at a very young age and have always been interested in health and fitness. I have competed at various disciplines such as Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Swimming and Cross Country Running; from regional to international level…..

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Emily Keen - Gym Manager

Emily Keen

Gym Instructor

I am a bubbly, smiley individual who is passionate about the health and wellbeing of others, and incorporate enjoyment and fun into all my programs. I thrive on the successes of others, and enjoy watching you achieve your goals…..

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For more information on what Emily offers and how she can help you on your fitness journey, please take a look at her website, Facebook or Instagram.

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Dan Toner - Gym Instructor

Dan Toner

Gym Instructor

Having been a long term sports and fitness enthusiast I decided to pursue my dream career as a Personal Trainer after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 22. I understand how difficult it can be to overcome both physical and mental barriers to achieving your goals…..

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Gordon Davey - Gym Instructor

Gordon Davey

Gym Instructor

I have been associated with Fort Stamford for 35 years as a member and 16 years as a Gym Instructor. My background is in the Police Service and lately as a First Aid Trainer/Assessor. My passion and interests have always been sport and music…..

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Kim Hewitt - Gym Instructor

Kim Hewitt

Gym Instructor

I’ve worked at Fort Stamford for approximately 15 years, but started in the industry 27 years ago as an Aerobics teacher, thanks to Jane Fonda. I am motivating, interactive and a good listener…..

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Kurt Hunt - Gym Instructor

Kurt Hunt

Gym Instructor

I believe with the right commitment we can all achieve our goals. I enjoy looking to challenge and test myself and others. I always try to find ways of mixing up training to keep things fresh…..

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Mel Bassett - Gym Instructor

Mel Bassett

Gym Instructor

Having always been interested in health and fitness I have recently taken a career change from 9 years as a Foundation Teaching Assistant and trained to become a qualified Gym Instructor which I have thoroughly enjoyed……

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