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Children’s Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim at Fort Stamford. A warm and inviting 16.6m pool with friendly welcoming staff.  Your child will have fun and enjoy the lesson while learning to swim.

It is really important for everyone to survive should they fall into the water. Our swimming lessons will take children and adults to the next level of moving freely in the water, recognised swimming strokes, coaching and improving swimming and life saving techniques.

Steve Langman runs Fort Stamford’s swimming lessons.   Steve has been competing in swimming, life saving and water polo since he was 11 years old, and coaching in swimming and water polo for the last 30 years. Steve has his level 1 and 2 in teaching aquatics (learn to swim). Read more about Steve by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Steve will be teaching the more able swimmers, co-ordinating the lessons and the administration side of the operation.  He will lead and assist the team of other coaches to teach the beginners. Steve will take the pre-school lessons himself on a Tuesday.

To book your child into swimming lessons for the first time, e-mail and he will get back to you as soon as he can. To assist, could you include in your response:

  1. Child’s name?
  2. Sex and age of the child?
  3. Can your child swim without any aids? If so, how far can they swim on their front and their back?
  4. Is your child comfortable putting their face in the water?
  5. Will your child jump into the water without help?
  6. Can your child tread water?
  7. Is your child able to swim correct strokes. ie, front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly?
  8. Does your child have a preference towards specific activities, ie. life-saving, synchronised swimming, water polo, surfing etc?
  9. Has your child had swimming lessons before, if so where and when?
  10. Does your child have any special needs or requirements that a swimming teacher should be aware of?

Steve’s website can be accessed by clicking here 

Turtle Tots

Please see image below for more details (click on image for larger version – opens in a new window).

Phone Calli as there are some spaces available.

Turtle Tots Classes Poster


Adult Swimming Lessons

If you want to learn to swim or wish to improve your swimming, adult swimming lessons and coaching are now available on Saturday mornings at 11.30am. Priced at £12 per session.

Please contact Steve Langman at or email.

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