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Covid-19 Member Information

A Safe Environment

My 1st priority is to provide a safe environment for both my staff to return and for you to work out in. This is what you can expect when we reopen.

There will be a floor limit in the gym so our members booking App FitSense is being adapted to facilitate this. You are encouraged to book a space preferably on-line or if not through the receptionist before you come.

I have purchased a thermal imaging camera which will highlight on arrival, anyone with a temperature. They will not be allowed into the building. People running or cycling to the club will need to cool down before entering!

Everyone will have to disinfect their hands before entering the building.

I have worked out a predominantly ‘one way’ system, in through the front door, out through the fire doors, which I would ask able members to adhere to.

An electrostatic cleansing machine has been purchased, which will provide disinfectant safely, quickly but most importantly, thoroughly, to machines and equipment.

A vinyl floor has been laid in the studio over the wooden existing floor. This will provide a washable finish

Air cleaning and sterilisation units have been installed in the gym and studio which would safely sterilise all of the air.

The pool is currently emptied to enable a closer inspection. A new liner has been ordered but I am waiting for an install date which depends on when the manufacturers are able to supply.


Classes will be available from Monday 3rd August. Numbers will be limited, probably to between 12 and 16 people. The busy classes will be doubled up. To enable this, I need to free up space in the crammed timetable. Initially, my plan is to run yoga and pilates classes in the empty pool. A strange resolve I accept but having spoken to instructors, I am confident this will work well. I have drawn up a draft timetable and am confident that we will be able to meet the demand for classes. All class attendees will need to bring their own mat. I have bought 60 budget purple mats which will be made available to buy at a cost price of £5.


The gym has been spread onto the squash courts to free up space to distance the heavy machines in the main area. I am sure that by doing this, I will be able to meet all of the demand from Gym users. Don’t forget to download the booking App! I believe it will be a condition of opening, that we manage numbers safely.

Toning Salon

As with all areas of the club, constant cleaning of the equipment will occur.


At least one court will be available for solo use just in case the government permits. I doubt whether competitive sport will be allowed until the autumn.

Creche & Soft Play

Children will not be allowed in the club whilst social distancing is in force.


Small functions may be permitted. I am awaiting clarity on this matter.


I hope to keep the coffee shop open during the day to provide for that all important chat that has been so sorely missed!!


Initially, you will need to shower at home.

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